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Three Advances in Roofing Technology

If you are considering hiring a roofing contractor, you likely know there are plenty of advantages to installing a new roof. For example, the average roof lifespan ranges from 20 to 25 years, providing years of protection with the proper maintenance. Likewise, a new roof can yield a return on investment of up to 75%, a profit on par with adding 1,000-square-feet to your house, which can increase a home’s sale price by more than 30%. Moreover, due to a number of advances in roof technology, your new roof can be more sustainable, eco-friendly and cost-effective than ever before. Read on to learn about some of these advances in roof technology and how they can benefit your home.

Traditional Asphalt Shingles With a Twist

Asphalt shingles have long been one of the most popular roof types due to their relatively low cost, diverse color options, and more. However, many homeowners and contractors are now beginning to prefer laminate asphalt shingles, which are more durable and offer a greater variety of styles and color blends. Additionally, some composite shingles and asphalt shingles now contain cooling granules, which makes them more energy efficient.

Solar-Ready Roofing Materials

While solar panels are growing increasingly popular, these bulky structures aren’t the only way to harness the sun’s rays. Photovoltaic roofing systems, tile solar roofing, solar shingles and photovoltaic modules, for example, use the sun’s thermal energy to generate electricity, allowing homeowners to decrease their reliance on the electric grid and reduce carbon emissions. This typically results in lower energy bills, and in some municipalities, you may even be able to sell back unused power to the grid. If you’re considering the pros and cons of roof replacement, keep this option in mind.

Smart Color Choices

Color has always been a major draw for homeowners looking to set their house apart. As a result, every roofing material now usually has a variety of color options. However, in warmer climates, roofing contractors and homeowners are now specifically selecting their roof color to absorb less heat from the sun (typically darker colors absorb more, while lighter colors reflect heat), which helps prevent roof damage and keeps homes comfortable during the hot summer months. In 2014, blues, neutrals and mixed tones were especially popular. But while the threat of a cold winter might make the idea of absorbing sunlight attractive, colorful roofs are still a great way to stand out and express individual style. For example, the Pantone colors for Spring 2015 are softer and often nature-based, like Marsala brown: why not use this tone to inspire your roofing project?

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