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Gundaker Construction and Restoration Group created this page because we strive to communicate effectively and answer all questions from our clients. GCRG is dedicated to top-tier customer service, quality construction, and are always on call for all of our clients’ needs, big or small. GCRG provides the best construction products, and services available in St. Louis, Missouri and surrounding areas.

When we receive a call from a homeowner or commercial property owner who may have experienced storm damage, our highly trained storm restoration professionals study HailTrax and Weather Fusion reports to see the storms and magnitude of these storms that have hit the area and the actual address over the last several years. Hail and wind storms can cause hail to hit the exterior of your home or commercial building at upwards of 120 miles per hour which causes damage to the roof and exterior of the property.

GCRG’s inspectors inspect your property as if we are the owners. Our attention to detail, knowledge, training, and experience put us above the rest. The best thing about our inspections is it is a FREE complimentary service.

When a GCRG representative arrives on site, the first thing he will do is a walk around the exterior of your home and look for hail hits on soft metals such as gutters, downspouts, and window wraps. Your GCRG representative will also look for hail damage to siding, windows, paint, screens, and HVAC units. After the walk around, your GCRG trained professional will begin the roof portion of the inspection and begin with looking at hail damage to soft metals such as vents, and chimney flashing followed by two 10 x 10 test squares which accurately show the amount of damage your roof has sustained. GCRG inspectors also look for damages to wood decks; seam metal, pool and hot tub covers, and any other items you may think may have suffered storm damage.
These inspections and assessments take trained eyes. Your GCRG insurance claims expert will provide you will the necessary photos of the damages and if asked, a detailed written report.

If your roof has sustained the damages which make it necessary to file an insurance claim, your GCRG representative will guide you through the process.

Filing an Insurance Claim:

  1. Call your insurance carrier’s claims department and file a claim for hail and wind from the most recent storm date. Your GCRG representative will provide you with that storm date.
  2. An adjuster will contact you within 24-48 hours after filing your claim to set up a specific date and time.

Call your GCRG representative with the date and time so your representative can meet the adjuster at your home or commercial building at the scheduled date and time and all parties can access and discuss the damages.

In most cases, before the adjustment Gundaker Construction and Restoration Group will send an estimate to your insurance company.

When the claim is approved, your insurance carrier will send an insurance scope and check. This first check will be a partial payment to ensure the repairs are completed. The amount depends on age and condition of the property.

In most cases if you have a mortgage, the mortgage company will also be listed on the check. The reason for this is the mortgage company wants to protect themselves, and make sure the homeowner does the work the insurance company compensated them for.

On the insured’s paperwork will be “RCV”, “Depreciation”, and “ACV. The RCV is the Retail Cash Value, which is the total price to fix your property. Depreciation is determined by the age and deterioration of the materials being replaced. The ACV is the Actual Cash Value which is what the materials are worth at the current time. The ACV is determined by subtracting the Depreciation from the RCV. The ACV is generally enough for the contractor to order materials and begin work.

Your Gundaker professional will also help you schedule and coordinate your job for a time that is convenient for you. GCRG will also obtain all permits and ordinance code documentation, along with assisting you in filing out the necessary paperwork. Our entire staff at GCRG has the knowledge of all the top of the line products we use from roofing to custom metals, and siding to windows. Your representative will give you choices from several different manufactures.

When roof and all other trades are completed, Gundaker Construction and Restoration Group will send a certificate of completion to the insurance company and all remaining funds will be released to the homeowner which is used to pay the contractor the final remaining balance.

Our clean-up crew will make sure no materials or trash is left behind. Our goal is to leave the area surrounding your home better then it was when we started.

Within 5 business days of job competition, Gundaker Construction and Restoration Group’s Quality Control Team will come out to your property for a full inspection—from installation to clean up, and make sure that everything meets Gundaker’s high level of expectations and that the homeowner would in fact refer us to a friend or family member.

If you feel your home or commercial building may have experienced storm damage, it is very important to call a trained inspector right away. Hail damage to your roof can cause leaking which could lead to interior damage and moisture intrusion from cracked or punctured siding and broken seals on windows.

Let Gundaker, a name serving St. Louis since 1968 take care of your claims process, and get the job done right the first time!

"Long-time family work ethics, they actually show up on time and get the job done as estimated. Their materials are warranted, they are licensed and bonded. Gundaker is a known name in our area. Plus, if you work with a known, reliable contractor, you will not have to work with storm chasers. Your ins carrier is prone to awarding the cheapest bid. Realize, we all know cheapest is primarily the most inferior materials and workmanship. I have a long history with this family, they give you the quality you deserve." Read More

– Cheryl Siemer - St. Louis, MO

"It was a great experience working with Gundaker. From the customer service I received from the sales team, to the timely manner of the crew, I was all around impressed. The roof looks great and they still check up on me and help me with maintenance around the house. I would highly recommend them." Read More

– Phyllis S., Chesterfield, MO

"Thank you for your professionalism while handling our roof replacement. It was an easy process with you coordinating the details with our insurance company." Read More

– Ken & Chrissy Pruitt - Fenton, MO

"I put off replacing my roof for some time. I expected it to be a hassle. Working with Gundaker Construction was so easy! Gundaker handled all the details for me. The work crew did a great job and left no mess. Very smooth!" Read More

– Judy Horrell - Valley Park, MO

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